E-Bikes by Giant

Make cycling easier with the assistance of an electric motor. You still get your exercise as you still need to pedal; it just makes it more enjoyable.

Pedal assist bikes can travel up to 30 miles on a single battery charge with a maximum speed of 15mph under power.
You don’t need a driving licence, insurance or tax to use electric bikes on UK roads, making them an affordable choice for commuting to work.

Here at SIMON PORTEOUS CYCLES we stock GIANT HYBRID CYCLING TECHNOLOGY Electric Bikes. The range now includes both on road and off road models, including full suspension mountain bikes. For more details call in to the shop or click on the GIANT link below to see the full range.


What makes Hybrid Cycling Technology so different from other “electric” bicycles out on the road? The answer lies in a host of technological features that work in unison with your own body’s power output—a seamless extension of your own capabilities.


Handlebar-mounted command centre provides easy-to-operate controls to adjust power on/off, riding mode and light systems.

New 4-sensor technology system precisely measures the amount of force a rider is applying to the pedals and delivers a seamless power boost. The system combines speed and torque sensors with motor and pedal rotation sensors to produce even power across the entire gear range. The result is predictable power that feels totally natural.

New battery technology has 25% higher energy density, which means 25% greater range than most batteries of the same size and weight—all in a compact size with a design that’s seamlessly integrated within the frameset. This high-torque battery pack offers a maximum range of up to 200km.

Powered by Yamaha, this powerful high-torque motor creates smooth pedalling power that’s sonically tuned for quiet performance.